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Preparing, supervising and conducting Roll-Out projects. Planning commercial objects.

Merchandising - maksymalizacja oraz wsparcie sprzedaży


Installation, reconstruction and installation of offices, shops, hotels furniture.

Merchandising - maksymalizacja oraz wsparcie sprzedaży


Optimizing the exposure of merchandise in stores and trading post.

About us
MENMARK Sp. z o.o. spółka komandytowa

Menmark is an experienced and professional partner in the planning and implementation of complex and extensive sales projects.

If you need support, advice or a complete solution for your business, we are for you. At each stage of the cooperation, we will provide you with substantive guidance and justify what benefits every action will bring to you. Our help is not only professional knowledge. It is also practical to help with such activities as the assembly of exhibitions and promotional decorations or to optimize the exposure of the goods. Merchandising is a very effective sales tool and therefore we use it very carefully not to underestimate its role.

Carefully and precisely designed plan, well thought out strategy and effective implementation will allow you to realize your sales plans.

Our team(personnel) constantly improves their skills and broadens their knowledge to be able to apply the latest technology in the service of our clients.

Each solution developed by us is adapted to individual needs, conditions and expectations.

Twenty years on the field have taught us a lot. With our knowledge we want to share with you.

Why we?


Twenty years on the market is a great time to gain a broad market experience. This is the time when we learned theoretical and practical work for the largest construction companies and DIY (Do It Yoursel). We have gained significant grants during the cooperation with OBI, for which we have rebuilt and opened more than 153 stores around the world. Each of them was a new lesson for us not only from the industry, but also a lesson of cooperation and humility. That is why today we can offer the highest quality of our services. However, we have prepared not only shops and markets, but also petrol stations, which require a different strategy. Such variety makes us look at each order unconventional and non-chemical.

Cadre (Personnel)

The success of the company is based on carefully selected employees. Twenty years on the market, and so significant customers with whom we had the pleasure of working, is the merit of our team of employees. That is why we carefully select the personnel and try to put only dedicated and committed employees with passion and experience. We appreciate initiative, passion and devotion. That is why our staff is making every effort in ordering the company. In the ranks of the company are experienced merchanidisers, carpenters, glaziers and locksmiths. Each of them works on our common success: customer, company and personal.

Comprehensiveness (Versatility)

Carefully selected personnel makes our company able to perform almost any order for clients. As part of the activities we can prepare the assembly of furniture, the installation of equipment, the installation of partition walls, but also appropriate and attractive sales assortment selection and planning of the entire sales hall. Everything depends on the needs and expectations of our customers and the demands placed on us by the sales project.
Our story
Our offer
  • Management

    Preparing, supervising and conducting Roll-Out projects. Development, implementation and settlement of project budgets. Complete planning of shopping facilities, design of stores and ordering of equipment.

  • Service

    We specialize in assembly of all kinds of furniture, accessories or decoration elements for shops, hotels, offices, banks, gastronomy and fitness clubs.

  • Merchandising

    MENMARK specializes in maximizing and supporting self-service stores by optimizing, designing, marking and exposing goods.

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